About Goten


 Goten Publishing is established in 2010 in Skopje.

The staff as well as the translators of Goten Publishing has been active since the mid 1990s in the field of publishing and culture – in the editorial board of several magazines, publishing houses and NGO’s; running cultural and publishing projects, organizing promotions, readings, public debates, cultural and art events.

Our two editorial pillars are supporting young, experimental Macedonian authors and translations. We are expanding our net of translators.  We work with experienced as well as with new translators, supporting them to get translator’s residencies and increase their knowledge and skills.

Goten publishing has permanent collaboration with the Association of Independent Writers of Macedonia in co-organising events and activities. It is permanent partner of Traduki network, organizing the first literary Residency “Absolute Modern” in Skopje. Although unsteady, Goten publishing is the national organizer for the program at Leipzig book fair. Goten publishing books&activities has been supported by the Macedonia, Croatian, Serbian, Bulgarian Ministry of culture, Traduki, TEDA translation program of Turkey, “Ramon Llul” Institute Barcelona, Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, JAK-Slovenian book agency, Open Society and others.

Goten publishing is running two projects supported by Creative Europe program of EU: “Deeper Europe, wider reach” and “Intercultural authors going digital and beyond”.



Goten Publishing is working on collaboration of the Macedonian literature with the world literary system. We translate other literatures into Macedonian, and we promote Macedonian authors abroad. We insist on creating literary values, and cultural animation.



Goten Publishing shares a vision of developed, intercultural, polyvalent world where cultures and literatures communicate among each other, are complementary to each other, influence each other, exchange and share experiences.


Key objectives

  • To increase language& country& authors’&donors diversity,
  • To digitalize promotion&distribution&sales&audiences.


Main Editions

  1. CONTEMPORANNEA (Contemporary fiction, translation of foreign literature).
  1. LANTERNA (non-fiction, studies, textbooks, essays collections).
  1. ALCAZZAR (Literature about or from Middle Ages).
  1. ENFANT TERRIBLE (books from young authors, experimental works, cross-genre).
  1. KULISI (drama texts).
  1. X-FILES (documentary prose).
  1. MAGIC STORIES (Children literature)
  1. Millennium Modern (modernist classics)